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The Silhouette Revenge [Episode 37]

November 18, 2020adminStories0

"All Hope Is Lost"

“It’s you. . . who should end this.” I managed to make smile, reassuring her of my genuine joy. “End this. . . so you can be free, so everyone would be free.” The open wound on my stomach wheezed more blood out when I pulled the shard off me, I was almost certain that I had already lost all of my blood at this point. “And please. . . please save Yebin.”

“I will.” She replied, grabbing the sharp object. She smiled at me before disappearing, the unearthly glow she emits disappeared as well, making the hall once again. . . dark.

I waited. . . and waited. Waiting for my end to welcome me, but what seems to be an endless countdown turned into a fiery one as I noticed that the school was burning with blazing flames. I didn’t react much, I just stared at the flames with blank eyes that spread across each classrooms and into the hallways, burning each and every dead bodies that lies ahead, including me.

The fire was probably started by Youngji, in attempt to give us a proper burial. Seriously, that girl, even after all the cruel things we did to her. . . she still treated us with kindness, trying to save us from Yooma.

Never even thought of getting back at us or taking her revenge.

“How foolish. . .” I uttered the same phrase Yooma is fond of saying, finally understanding why she always say that to Youngji.

Because she was too kind that people took advantage of her, because after all the bad things that had happened to her, she still thinks that there’s always a rainbow after a dreadful rain.

Because she was such a foolish girl.

“Teacher!” My intolerable thoughts snapped as I heard Yebin’s voice from the other side of the hallway. I immediately spun my head to the other side to see her dashing towards my direction. Luckily enough, the fire still hasn’t reached this part of the hallway and from the corner where''''' she came from.

“Ye..bin.” I tried to yell but my decreasing strength stopped me from using the remaining from yelling.

“Teacher!” She plopped down besides me, grabbing my hand and trying her best to pull me up from the floor bathed with my blood. “Hurry! There’s people outside, they’re here to help!”

“Yebin. . .Let’s play a game.” I tried to smile, a tear rolling on my cheeks as I watch her fumble on my hand, trying her best to take me away from the burning corridor. “Whoever gets outside first. . . will win.”

At this point, my tears were already flowing nonstop, it was painful watching this child try all her best to save me– the me who ignored someone else dying — She tried pulling and dragging but I didn’t budge.

I felt a burning s£nsat!on from my other half of the body, instantly making me know that fire would soon reach the two of us. “Hurry Yebin. . . or else you wont get your prize.”

“What prize?” She asked, not entirely bothered by the fact that we’re in a burning corridor.

“A teddy. . . a teddy bear.” I wheezed, but smiled right after to not let her worry.

She smiled, putting the one she was holding under my arms. “Then mister fuzzy will be yours now since I’m getting a new teddy bear.” She tucked it besides me before standing up. “I’ll wait for you outside! Hurry up or I’ll definitely take first place!”

“Run. . . as fast as you can.” I smiled before watching her sprint across the hall. I stared at her back, wondering what would happen if ever I did make it out alive. The first thing I would do is teach her the alphabet, and then I’ll watch her grow up into a fine and wonderful woman.

I want to see her become someone I’m not.

After turning to a corner which the stairs leading to the ground floor was at, she finally disappeared from my sight as blazing flames eating everything from my view. The windows at the side began to crack and break from the excessive heat, big and small shards falling on my tear stained face. There were distant sounds of siren and police cars just outside the building, but even if I want to leave this place, I can’t.

I looked down on the stuffed toy that she gently tucked underneath my arms, also staining it with my blood. It was a good thing that I was covered with blood to begin with and the floor already bathed with crimson color, or else that kid would wonder why I am wheezing and lying aimlessly on the floor and would never leave my side. It would only cause for her to also die, but I wouldn’t want that to happen. . . not in a million years.

I weakly pushed the toy up so I could get a closer look to it. My vision already becoming black, starting from the corners then slowly making it’s way to encompass my whole eyesight until I can see nothing more but darkness. A frozen smile was smirched on my face as blazing flame enveloped my lifeless body, eating everything away in the process.

“Farewell. . . Yebin.”


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